Friday, July 1, 2011

Money Cant Buy Happiness Honey...When Will You Learn?

So part of my family is rich. Big house, fancy stuff, spoiled rotten. My immediate family is the exact opposite. Yesterday was my cousins sweet sixteen...they went all out...spent roughly over $4,000. that money could have been better spent on other things. but any ways...she invited me and two other girls that don't go to her school. the three of us hung out the whole night. completely ignored by my cousin and today? well today she tried using us as personal butlers! ah man. some people are just too stuck up.

when i get older, i want to be a fashion designer. i want to make people happy with my designs. i don't want to be rich. i would love to be successful, but I'm not going to spend tons of money on things that are un-necessary. splurging on something every now and then is fine...everyone deserves a treat now and then, but I'm not going to throw cash away for things i don't need. i want to start a suicide prevention charity, and an animal charity and something for under privileged children in third world countries...i want to make a difference.

next summer for instance. my cousin is going on a trip to Italy and Greece for the shopping. I'm going to a third world country or the Galapagos to do either volunteer environmental work or helping build a school or homeless shelter and teach under privileged children English.

helping people is what makes me happy. i don't need material objects. i hope this little blog article inspired you to make a difference....even if its small

so my lovelies...I'm asking you this...challenge yourself to some self improvement;
eat better, exercise, walk places instead of driving, discover local talent/shops/treasures, enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and go out and do some volunteer work!

I, myself have done a bit...i helped mentally challenged children ride horses for was a truly touching experience!


  1. this is a joke right? You just seem like some whore... last time i use stumble upon. also lolz nice lingerie, looks like shit!

  2. why do you have to be so rude?

    it says in her profile shes only a teenager.

    and thats just your opinion on it...i personally like the diy she posted

    you really dont need to be so rude. have you even read any of her other posts? shes been through more in her life than im sure you have! and she had the guts to talk about her depression openly in order to reach out to others