Wednesday, June 29, 2011

oh man.

well. I've gone and done it again. Fallen for someone. but this time, unusually hard. why some may say this is a good thing. To me its good and bad. hes my best friends ex. shit. i really like potentially love wasn't supposed to happen. we were just supposed to be friends. then we were hanging out and started play wrestling. our eyes met. he pulled me close and put his arm around me and i rested my head on his chest. "you comfy?" he said. "yea" i replied blushing and smiling. "thats good, because im happy when your in my arms" he said. i looked up and smiled. he looked down at me and smiled. then it happened. we kissed. we kept kissing and cuddling and play wrestling and holding eachother the whole night. never once did he make a move to go further. his hand was on my bare knee(i was wearing shorts) and he looked at me sincerily and said "is my hand to high up your leg? i dont want to make you uncomfortable or make you feel like im trying to get anything, because im not...i just want you in my arms" aawww! he almost brought me to tears with that. never have i met a guy other than family who respected me that much. now, im in deep thought. how do i tell my friend? she has moved on since him but still...i feel its the right thing to tell her.

any suggestions? it would be oh so very appreciated!

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