Monday, July 4, 2011 are things with you?

todays a meh kinda day...woke up, showered and started cleaning my room...organised  nailpolishes going from purple, blue, green, pink, red, gold, multicoloured glitter, white, clear, and black.

things are going well for me in life right now i starts on the sixth of september...cant wait actually...i have a good year (first term; vocals, art, fashion, math second term; guitar, english, marketing, parenting)
im determined to get honours again, for the third year.

also, my birthday is in 26 days (september 18th), so i'm excited for that...i'm hoping for a sewing machine and a serger and some makeup and other sewing things, as well as a new laptop as mine barely functions at the moment.

as of last sunday as well i have a boyfriend...he's a great guy...really nice...treats me well...big step up from my ex (he was verbally and physically abussive, and he held me down and pretty much raped me three times) my new boyfriend respects me, and is really sweet...he tells me that i'm beautiful everyday

if you ask me, every girl deserves that. someone who tells them they are beautiful every day, and shows that they truely care about them.

this last weeked i was at my moms house...things are a bit better between us...not as much friction since she broke up with her boyfriend
my sister and i made up (didnt blog about the was pretty bad...words were said to me that were said out of anger and frustration that werent truely meant and some of my actions towards her, which, were self defence, but they were still unexceptable) and things are a bit better between us as well...not perfect though. but she has a new boyfriend now as well.
my stepmom went to the doctors and got some tests done, and turns out she was wrongly diagnosed with a blood disorder, and her liver is not and will not be failing her, but now they arent sure of what is wrong
my brother is back packing and couch surfing throught europe, hes currently in england...he went to oxford the other day.
i am still unemployed, but im only fifteen...but i need a job!
also, lately i've really gotten into doing my makeup (drifting away from my basic winged black eyeliner) and have done some really cool different styles.

after my birthday, as well i am (finally) getting my bellybutton peirced, and in october my dad is allowing me to dye the tips of my hair rainbow ombre

oh, and did i mention...after my g1...excited and nervous for that! more nervous for when i have to learn to parallel park..seems scary!

and, just because. i made a great purchase the other day. for any canadians reading, you know the brand joe fresh. well, for $3.33, i got the perfect tiffany blue nail polish! (joe fresh polish in mint)

anywho...thats just an update for going to go check on my garden and pick some hot peppers, so i will write again later

possibly tonight :)

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